Chef Nando

Chef Nando was born and raised in one of the most diverse food cities in the US, Miami. He came from Cuban decent, so flavorful food was a big part of his family’s culture and that led to him discovering his culinary passion at the age of 8.

He began his journey as a dishwasher in a Korean kitchen; with only a dream & a raw passion for the art he began to climb the ranks from dishwasher to prep cook, then assistant chef. As he grew as a chef, so did his love for the art, his passion for the kitchen blossomed into a deep appreciation for fine dining. This appreciation led him to work for several luxurious hotels; including the prominent EPIC hotel, where he began as a sauté chef. It was there he was molded by many renowned chefs including Michael Bloise & Wolfgang Birk, as well as, took part in several food & wine festivals. Within only 7 years he was able to work his way from sauté chef, to chef de partir, to sous chef, to executive sous chef, and finally executive banquet chef.

After having his son, Chef Nando took the leap in creating chef inspired meals that are delivered FRESH to your doorstep. He realized he wanted to set the right eating habits for his son and more importantly, he wanted to be there for his son as often as possible. Chef Nando is now pursing his next endeavor of becoming a renowned private chef. He is using his 15 years of professional chef experience to create original mouthwatering recipes & a luxurious fine-dining experience that is perfect for any occasion!